beatfarmer – Independant (Lasqueti Island)

I am available to do Dj sets or Beatfarmer live PA – Uptempo or Downtempo

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beatfarmer is looking for opportunites to share musical experiences

I have been a Dj for 6 years and have played many different events. From bootstomping local parties,  weddings and events here on lasqueti, to festivals Entheos, Shambhala, Inshala, Diversity and many other all night events around the south coast and across Canada .  I have released numerous Albums and Ep’s of original music on bandcamp as well as for Ovnimoon Records, and have released tracks and remixes for Black Swan, Street Ritual, Maia Brasil, Luminosity, Red Robot, Sonic Turtle, Subbass and Ovnimoon Records

As a DJ, I play a wide range of musical styles. World beat dance sets with flavours of Gypsy beat, Bhangra, the Middle East, Africa and anything else that makes me want to dance.  I often play to a varied audience and these sets appeal to a wide range of musical tastes. Check out the world beat sets I have posted .

I also love to play electonic music, and I really love to play trance music. From deep, sacred downtempo beauty to a heavy hitting tribal trance set, the trance beat has a power to make people move and tap into a sacred part of themselves. I mix a lot of world beat sounds with psy trance beats in my sets, and now I have begun producing and performing my own music as well, creating a deep tribal sound that will drive your body to dance and make your spirit strong.

Please contact me if you have and event or even just an idea.

I believe in the power of an intentional dance event, if you have an event with a small budget but a grand vision, e-mail me about working something out  🙂

Past show Highlights:

  • Pollination (williams lake,bc) April 2010
  • Adham Shaikh: Universal Frequencies CD Launch (victoria) 5/01/10
  • Entheos (nahatlatch valley, BC) 2010,2011,2012
  • Victoria Electronic Music Festival (victoria) July 2010
  • Inshala (alberta) 2011,2012,2013,2014
  • Diversity Festival (Texada Island, bc)  2011, 2012,2014
  • Earthdance Victoria 2010,2012
  • Believe festival – July 2013
  • Luminosity Gathering- 2014, 2015
  • Shambhala (Salmo, bc)  Aug.2013
  • Secret Alchemy festival (Quebec) Aug 2015
  • Timeless festival (Quebec) Aug 2015