I try to keep lots of music available for free. Downloads help to fuel my passion for making music and I am grateful for all the support and enthusiasm people have shared with me when they enjoy my tunes. Donations help to fund the process of making music and having gear to share it with people. Here are some ways to help.

Free support
If you cannot afford to pay for a CD, you can help to get the music out to more people by re-posting links on facebook or other internet sites.
You can follow beatfarmer on: Facebook, Soundcloud, Reverb Nation, CBC Radio 3

It is also very helpful to ask promoters to book me for their events. Let them know that you have enjoyed my music and would like to hear me play at their events

If you have enjoyed the free music or have copied a CD, please consider donating some money towards my projects. While my time is free, there are costs involved in producing music. All of the tracks that I release have been mastered, a service that I pay for. If the music starts to generate some income, I could consider buying more equipment and software to further improve my sound.
As a DJ, being paid allows me to purchase more music by other artists, and creates incentive for producers to make more music.

You can buy music directly from me on Bandcamp.
or buy my commercial releases on Beatport, Juno, and other online music sites.

You can donate any amount with a credit card using paypal,

Thank you for your support


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